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Artiflex is an engineering solution provider that specializes in building and consultation of turnkey systems by integrating components from different vendors. We are committed to the development, supply and implementation of high quality systems. We create functional working solutions. We are constantly developing and implementing new technologies, and are therefore frequently involved in the implementation of inventive solutions. Artiflex is unique in its provision of comprehensive client specific solutions. We build life long relationships with our clients and our very first client is still one of our valued clients.

  • Who are we

    Artiflex Engineering Pty is a privately held company established in February 2004 in South Africa and has since grown to one of the most trusted engineering companies specializing in the automation industry. The company was formed to supply clients with a dedicated solution by using strategic alliances and specialized expertise.

  • Our Experience

    Our experience encompasses a broad range of projects focusing on water, wastewater, telemetry and various others including automation. Our system integration work can be seen all over South Africa and other African countries. We have extensive experience in providing total solutions for the following areas: Water purification plant control and monitoring
    Sewage works control and monitoring
    Pump station control and monitoring
    Electrical generation system control
    Facilitation Systems
    Energy efficiency application
    Telemetery for control and monitoring including radio, GSM, GPRS etc.
    Alternative energy solutions, solar and wind
    Information Services
    Fuzzy control systems
    Manufacturing plant control
    This includes PLC and SCADA systems, Data communication and MES and MIS systems

  • Our Services and Products

    Our Services Include:
    PLC and SCADA systems development including software standards and implementation
    C & I design and implementation
    Intergration of third party systems and equipment
    Telemetry systems development, integration and implementation
    Management facilitation
    MES and MIS system development
    Energy monitoring and efficiency control
    Solar systems
    Field installation
    Installation and commissioning
    Instrumentation installation and integration
    Automation & Hardware Integration
    MCC Manufacturing
    Program implementation and design

  • We go anywhere

    Although we are South Africa based we are not limited to working within the borders, with successful projects being done in amongst others the DRC, Madagascar, Mozambique and Botswane.

Projects & Achievements

Current Projects

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Artiflex became the first system integrator worldwide to implement a PES project in the world. This project and 3 more PES projects in the water industry in South Africa resulted in Artiflex being awarded the GLOBAL Alliance partner of 2013 for Schneider Electric as well as the award for GLOBAL Technical Expertise 2013 from Schneider, a first for a South African company Artiflex is a pioneer for the Fuzzy control systems in the water industry. This includes filter control

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  • Our Clientele

    These are just some of the many companies/organizations we service.

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    Notable Projects

    Although we are proud of all our projects, there are a few that stand out as unique and impressive. Namely Vaalkop and Zeekoegat

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    Charity Work

    We love leaving foot prints
    Year after year we are inundated with requests from all over to contribute to worthy causes. As we feel it is our responsibility to make a diffrence in the lives of others we have for the last couple of years joined The ELEOS Foundation in raising funds for innovative entreperneurs and "investing in poineering business solutions". Please feel free to check out their website and support them.

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Business Information

Artiflex Engineering Pty (Ltd)
Registeration Number: 2004/004348/07
VAT Number: 4110213313

Meet the Team

  • Team Member

    Johan Smith

    "The MD"

    Position: Managing Director
    Task: Business Development, Tenders.

    Team Member

    Henkel Stander


    Position: Senior Engineering Management
    Task: Project Manager.

    Team Member

    Pierre De Mon

    "Master P"

    Position: Senior Engineering Management
    Task: Maintance/Network Manager.

  • Team Member

    Arnold Kleinhans


    Position: Senior Control Systems Engineer
    Task: Managing Projects.

    Team Member

    Francios Pleisch

    "The Fixer"

    Position: Junior Control Systems Engineer
    Task: SCADA/HMI Engineer.

    Team Member

    Michael Evripiotis


    Position: Junior Control Systems Engineer
    Task: VSD/Network Engineer.

  • Team Member

    Franciska Kleinhans

    "The PA"

    Position: PA to MD
    Task: Tenders, Administration, General enquiries.

    Team Member

    Elrisa Craies

    "BOE 'bit of everything'"

    Position: Financial Coordinator
    Task: Quotes, Finances, Occupational Healthy & Safety

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    George Kgomo

    "The StoreMan"

    Position: Storeman
    Task: Purchases, Stock

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